Many of our workshops offer participants a follow-up coaching session

Some of our most popular programs:

There's No Time For Me!
Teaching Self-Care to the Caregiver

Alzheimer’s Disease affects over 5 ½ million people today and those individuals are being cared for by a wide range of caregivers including professional health care workers, as well as wives, husbands, parents, children, other family members. As a family member, caring for a loved one can be frustrating, unpredictable, exhausting, lonely and time consuming. This workshop, which is geared specifically for the care giver who is caring for the individual with Alzheimer’s Disease, will stress the importance of and teach hands on strategies for self care. Information on Alzheimer’s Disease and understanding the many challenges associated with the disease will be offered.

The Heart of Self Care
Caring From a Full Cup

How can one possibly show up their best as a care giver if they are not nurturing and caring for themselves first? This workshop introduces ways to "recharge your batteries," transform stress into positive energy, and refocus work and life priorities. Through a combination of lecture, discussion and experiential exercises, care givers will leave with a clearer understanding of their role and boundaries and how to balance that with the rest of their life. Specific strategies to take better care of oneself will be introduced. You will leave feeling re-charged, energized, healthier and with an individualized action plan (that you will design) to feel in charge of your life.

Therapeutic Touch for Care Givers
Connecting the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Therapeutic Touch is a contemporary interpretation of several ancient healing practices using hands as a focus to facilitate healing. TT promotes relaxation and has been shown to be effective in the treatment of stress related disorders, strengthening and quickening the body's own healing resources, wound healing, reduction in pain, soothing fretful babies, labor and delivery, comforting those with a terminal illness and for reducing anxiety associated with Alzheimer's Disease. This is a 12 hour (2 day training) Beginners Level Certification Workshop designed for individuals working in hospitals, nursing homes, or adult day programs or any individual in the role of care giver.

Nurturing the Human Spirit

This workshop focuses on nurturing the human spirit of the care giver by introducing and practicing a variety of hands-on practices. Included in the day will be meditation, visualization, yoga, breath work, reflexology and an introduction to therapeutic touch. Care givers will leave feeling relaxed as well as having new strategies to use to take care of themselves.